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School of Software and Information Engineering
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Specialty: Software Technology (Embedded Technology)

Training Objectives: This specialty is mainly for advanced embedded technology applications of various types of intelligent robots and unmanned control systems. It mainly trains high-quality skilled personnel with intelligent robot products and embedded application products in design, development, testing and technical support.

Main Courses: Foundation of Embedded Development, Embedded System Application Development, Embedded Communication Technology Application, ARM System Structure and Application, and Single-Chip Technology and Application, etc.

Career Prospect: This specialty is one of the most popular and promising IT application fields. After graduation, students can engage in the design, development, testing and maintenance of embedded product design in the fields of intelligent robots, intelligent agriculture, intelligent medical care, intelligent transportation, smart home, intelligent security, information communication, etc. The students will have strong competitive advantages and broad career prospects.


Specialty: Big Data Technology and Application (Big Data Application)

Training Objectives: Mainly for the capital information service enterprises, cultivate the mastery of big data processing, data analysis and display technologies, have the ability to process complex data streams, integrate trend reports, and use the latest technology for data collection, processing, storage, analysis, prediction and display. The students will be high-quality skilled talents that can assist business decision makers in developing appropriate technology routes or business development blueprints.

Main Courses: Data Cleansing, Java Big Data Application Foundation, Big Data Technology (Hadoop), Data Collection and Web Crawling, Python Data Analysis, Data Mining Applications, Data Visualization Technology and other courses.

Career Prospect: Graduates of this specialty can work on the development, implementation and operation in information systems, there are posts in this direction like big data system R&D engineers, Java development engineers and database design engineers; in the field of data processing and operation, there are posts like data analysts, enterprise information managers and data visualization engineers; in the field of big data application, there are posts like big data application development engineers and big data analysts.


Specialty: Big Data Technology and Application (Business Data Analysis)

Training Objectives: This specialty is oriented to wholesale, retail, internet, software and information technology services industries. It focuses on cultivating the capability of business data collection and processing, analysis and visualization. The talents with technical skills are capable of doing collection, processing, analysis and visualization of procurement data, promotion data, sales data, customer service data, market data, logistics data, customer data, product data, etc.

Main Courses: Data Collection and Processing, Data Analysis and Application, Data Visualization Technology, Supply Chain Data Analysis, Operational Data Analysis, Market Data Analysis.

Career Prospect: Graduates of this specialty are oriented to the government, enterprises, and Internet companies. There are posts like data analysts, market analysts, customer data analysts, product data analysts, operational data analysts, sales data analysts, data visualization engineers, etc.


Specialty: E-commerce  

Training Objectives: Oriented to the capital information industry and service enterprises, it focuses on cultivating talents with modern enterprise management and business theory, and have the ability to operate, manage and maintain e-commerce websites, event planning, and website editing; cultivating high-quality compound talents with the ability of using information network technology to launch network market survey and research and using network marketing technology to launch e-commerce activities, being able to work on online business activities such as copywriter planning and writing, network marketing, network promotion, online advertising planning, marketing campaign planning, online stores operating, data analysis in departments of enterprises and financial institutions, etc.

Main Courses: Network Marketing Copywriter Planning and Writing, Front-End Design and Development, Network Marketing Program Design and Implementation, Online Advertising Planning, Network Promotion, E-commerce Operation and Maintenance and Management, Mobile Commerce, Search Engine Marketing.

Career Prospect: Graduates of this specialty are oriented to the government, enterprises, and Internet companies. Students are mainly engaged in network marketing, online store operations, network editing, marketing campaign planning, network promotion, network art, online advertising planning, copywriting planning and writing, search engine marketing and optimization.

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