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Cooperation and Communication

Cooperation and Communication

BITC strives build the school into an international one. Since 1998, it has engaged in international cooperation and worked with foreign institutions for nearly 20 years. BITC has established cooperative relationships with higher education institutions in New Zealand, Australia, the UK, Germany, Canada and other countries and regions. BITC has introduced high-quality education resources and trained bilingual faculties. BITC has also received external quality audit, significantly improved the education and teaching quality and provided students with opportunities to receive a learn foreign advanced vocational education without travelling abroad.

From 2006, BITC has worked with Nanyang Polytechnic of Singapore to mutually establish overseas internship bases and implement student overseas internship projects and cultural communication experience projects. So far, BITC has received about 1,600 visiting students from Singapore. From 2009, BITC selects 24 excellent students per semester to visit the Nanyang Polytechnic led by responsible teachers, this collaboration allows students to expand their vision and develop their cross-cultural communication ability. 

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